Mission 365 Facilitation

Mission 365 is Sigma Chi’s innovative recruitment program designed to enhance the quality and quantity of the Fraternity's membership. Our facilitators seek to inspire values-based relationships and train brothers to recruit new members based upon The Jordan Standard. The retreat is not a lecture, but rather an experiential learning process aimed at engaging a chapter’s membership.

Facilitator Time Commitment

Two years; one weekend-long training retreat; one weekend-long retreat per semester, for four semesters


  • Facilitation experience, not necessarily within Sigma Chi
  • Familiarity with Sigma Chi Ritual, values and ethics


  • To attend a one-on-one, participation-based ‘learning on the job’ training at a Mission 365 chapter retreat
  • To facilitate at least one retreat per semester, or two retreats per academic year, for a period of three years
  • To continue your role as a mentor for each chapter following their retreat for at least one year
  • To ensure all facilitator materials are up-to-date prior to facilitating a chapter retreat
  • To turn-in all chapter retreat metrics, reports, and reimbursement forms in a timely manner
    • Note: Must turn in above documents to International Fraternity Headquarters prior to receiving reimbursements
  • To act as a positive role model by living Sigma Chi’s values and ideals in your everyday life
  • To respect the proprietary nature of the Mission 365 program and its curriculum by not sharing, distributing, or copying any of the exercises or material used before, during, and after a retreat

Indications of success

  • Increased participation in chapter, university, and community leadership roles of participants
  • Indications by participants in follow-up surveys of a greater grasp of Sigma Chi values and instituting them in their everyday lives
  • The identification of a mentor by the participants

Download this information in a PDF here.