Welcome to Sigma Chi Lifeline



I am pleased to introduce you to Sigma Chi Lifeline. This collaborative effort with the JED Foundation is long overdue. Based on a study by the University of Virginia, we know that suicide has replaced alcohol as the leading cause of death among college students.

In Sigma Chi, we celebrate brotherhood and friendship. We learn to share our joys, sorrows and afflictions with one another and through those life experiences, we become closer, more connected and devoted to each other. Treating depression and other mental health issues, however, requires a skill set beyond simply talking with a brother about a problem. It requires a special kind of assistance that allows our brothers to access professional help when they most need it. 

As our brother’s keeper, we need to be aware of the warning signs, recognize when they are present, and quickly seek to get our brothers assistance. We can no longer stand idly by thinking brothers who suffer from depression or mental health illness will eventually resolve those issues on their own. The lasting impact that a loss of life has on a brother's family and our community and brotherhood are immeasurable, and oftentimes might have been avoided had we acted or, better yet, provided a resource for a person to seek guidance.

Sigma Chi Lifeline represents our hope for the future that none of our brothers’ lives will end in tragedy. That anyone who needs help is just a phone call away from getting it and helping to begin the healing process. I encourage all our brothers to go to the Lifeline site and familiarize themselves with the tools available so that we are ready to act when the time calls.

Guard Well,

Michael A. Greenberg
68th Grand Consul