Crossroads Facilitation

Crossroads is Sigma Chi’s values-based decision-making program about alcohol and drugs. Crossroads aims to bring candid discussions about alcohol and drug use to undergraduate chapters, teach skills related to responsible decision-making and explain the resources the Fraternity offers its members. The Fraternity has also partnered with the JED Foundation to provide resources covering the topics of mental health and suicide prevention.

Facilitator Time Commitment

  • One term of three years
  • Annual program minimum: Two programs — total of six programs, over a three-year period
  • Single program duration:
    • Pre-session preparation
    • One weekend for program facilitation
    • One-year mentorship of each chapter following a Crossroads program
  • Attend a facilitator training session prior to leading a Crossroads program


  • Facilitation experience — not necessarily within Sigma Chi; 
  • Familiarity with Sigma Chi risk management policies; and
  • At least one year of volunteer experience at the chapter or facilitator level


  • Attend Crossroads facilitator training prior to facilitating;
  • Serve as a facilitator in Sigma Chi’s Crossroads for six sessions, over a three-year period;
  • Serve as a mentor for host schools, responding to any inquiries they may have after the program;
  • To be an advocate for all of Sigma Chi’s alcohol and drug policies, as well as the alcohol and drug policies at the host institution;
  • Stay up-to-date on all of Sigma Chi’s programs and initiatives regarding the Crossroads program and Risk Management Foundation policies and
  • Respect the proprietary nature of the Crossroads program and its curriculum by not sharing, distributing, or copying any of the exercises or material used before, during, and after your sessions

Indications of success

  • Improved risk management scores on annual reports of chapters that received the program and
  • Indications by participants in the follow-up survey that they better understand Sigma Chi policies, values, responsible-decision making process, and the resources offered to them

Download a PDF of this information here.